It's the 2014 CFA Annual

and All That Jazz

It's the 2014 CFA Annual - and All That Jazz


Bienvenue a Nouvelle Orleans!

Known as “The City that Care Forgot” and “The Big Easy,” New Orleans is a place that will lighten your soul and lift your spirits.
Why worry when we can celebrate?? And celebrate we do !! Everything from Alligator to Zydeco – we find a way to live it, love it, and enjoy what we have through our myriad of festivals and our world famous food.
Where our four seasons are defined as crab, shrimp, crawfish, and oyster season.

It’s all about Joie de Vivre!!

Food – bowls filled to the rim with fresh seafood gumbo, Music – late nights in clubs filled with steamy blues and jazz, History – a melting pot of cultures that settled New Orleans to make it the culturally rich city that it has become.

Architecture- French and Spanish abound along with our beautiful iconic wrought iron, and even throw in a little VooDoo – we have it all!

Come on down to one of the world’s most fascinating cities and learn how we “pass a good time”.

And don’t be surprised if you leave with a little N’awlins in your heart.
Once you spend time in New Orleans, New Orleans will always be a part of you.

As the song asks “Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?” -
Meet us at the Sheraton New Orleans in June 2014 and I guarantee after you leave you will know the answer.

Let the good times roll !!!
Laissez les Bon Temps Rouller !!

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