It's the 2014 CFA Annual

and All That Jazz

It's the 2014 CFA Annual - and All That Jazz


Adieu, Nouvelle Orleans!

The odyssey has come to an end.  The memories will last a lifetime (we hope).  It has been an exciting journey, with many people coming  together to make the 2014 CFA Annual a reality and a success.  Thank you for all your posts and kind comments.  The photos will be coming fast and furious and we will have the 2014 annual website up for another month and be populating it with fun facts, interesting anecdotes and kudos, and some interesting videos and candid photos .

There are legions of people to thank and that will come a bit later… when the fog of exhaustion lifts a bit.  For now, we would like everyone to know that this annual was sponsored by, worked on, contributed to  , every single region in CFA – to some extent or another be it  one person, or a whole krewe, every region, including our international friends were included in this monumental task.

CFA is an incredible international organization and we were proud to be able to partner with region 9, our newest region , and have them so  involved throughout these last 12 months. Their enthusiasm and sponsorship in part for the Mask-Purr-ade ball on Friday night not only put their donation to work, but so many of region 9 folks went the extra mile to play host, and of course dress up!  THANK YOU!!   The talent throughout CFA is incredible, our region 3 folks jumped on every task when asked with enthusiasm and financial help as well. The region 3 clubs went above and beyond to make the delegate bags full to the brim.    This truly was an annual to remember, an annual for ALL of CFA contributed to by so many  fanciers and friends throughout the world.

To say thank you just doesn’t seem to be adequate for the incredible effort that was put forth!   We are so blessed to have you all be a part of the “annual to remember”!!!!

Jan and Patti

(both pretty pooped)


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